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Курсы итальянского языка во Флоренции
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Оценки по итогам тестов

Dear student,

Before entering a course, we would like to ask you to fill in a classification test, in order to find out a course corresponding to your level (except when you are an absolute beginner).

We kindly ask you to do this test without the use of a grammar or a dictionnary.
You can do this test on your very first day at our school or, preferably, download it as a .doc-file (Word, OpenOffice) (right mouse click, 34 KB, 4 pages) and when done send it attached to an email to Scuola Toscana.
Thus you can start your adequate course on your first day without having to wait.

Download classification test (right mouse click, Word file, 34 kb)
when done send it attached to an email to Scuola Toscana.

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